Clyde Emrich

:: 11/11/2020: grant martin, lenexa kansas, USA
I remember Clyde when he attended our lifting meets in Peoria back in the 1960's. Although past his prime, he was always able to beat all Illinois state competitors. Unfortunately, I was always in his weight class so second place was the best that I ever achieved and could hope for. Sorry to learn about Clyde's bad fall down some stairs. Hard to believe that he is almost 90 now. Does not seem possible.

:: 1/31/2018: Ajax, , USA
Correction middle heavy

:: 8/31/2017: AJAX, , USA
First lightheavy to jerk 185 kg c&j another mental barrier broken... this opened the floodgates for the countless other lightheavies to follow great guy yes we need more just like him long live Clyde Emerich

:: 9/7/2016: Michael Hartenstine, Lake Bluff ILLINOIS, United States
The best ever! Love him. Gave me more knowledge and encouragement.

:: 7/27/2012: Jon Emrich, Carol Stream IL, USA
Clyde is my father. I'm his oldest of 2 sons, Jon and Ken. He is the most humble man about his accomplishments you could ever meet. There is not a concieted bone in his body. I could not be more proud of what he has done. The stuff with the Bears is really neat because that has been most of my life but I was around during his last few years of competitve lifting and he was very truely respected by his peers. I am watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics and I can only wonder how very proud he must have been those 60 years ago walking into that Helsinki Stadium. I know how proud I am of him. You are and always have been my hero Dad. I love you!!

:: 3/31/2010: Arthur Chidlovski, boston ma, usa
I did a quick search and here are his results for the 1959 Pan Ams: 297 1/2* - 281* - 374 3/4* = 953 1/4* *New Pan American Records 135+127.5+170=432.5KG Overall, I don't have the poundage results for the Pan American Games and it will be great if someone can share the data. Thanks.

:: 3/30/2010: p.sacco, atlhighlands nj, us
what were clyde's lifts in 1959 pan am games?

:: 8/10/2008: Arthur Chidlovski, Boston , USA
Clyde is remembered by many as an Olympian, a 4-time National Weightlifting Champion, a medallist in 2 World Weightlifting Championships and a World Record Holder in weightlifting. But after his weightlifting career was over, Clyde, went on to make another great contribution to the Iron Game and to the spread of the use of weight training in sport. After providing weightlifting instruction to some of the most well known players on the legendary Chicago Bears football team, Clyde was hired by the Bears to become one of the pioneers of the Strength Coaching field. He started officially working the team in the in the 1960’s. Although he has gone on to accept broader duties within the organization, Clyde continues to help out in the weight room. In the fickle and stressful world of professional sports, a stay of that length with one team speaks for itself as does Clyde’s Super Bowl ring. (courtesy of

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