Wes Barnett

:: 10/1/2016: Damon Buckner, St. Joseph MO, United States
Wesley Barnett is without a doubt the best heavyweight lifter the U.S.A has had. Another pure lifter, no drugs, all hard work and talent. He jerked 225kg at 105 and racked 230kg. Believe me he could've jerked more, that was his specialty. At 110kg the great Yury Zakharevich jerked 250.5kg. Wes was only 20.5kg off, lower body weight and clean. Same hometown, good man, and love him like a brother.

:: 2/26/2010: Barnie, , USA
This guy is not only a fantastic athelete, but a wonder person as well! He is personable and aproachable. He is an inspiration to young weightlifters everywhere!

:: 3/12/2008: Mark A. Bartay, San Antonio Texas, U.S.A.
Flawless form. Great physical presence. Wes Barnett. It was the ’93 Olympic Festival, and it was my first time seeing a live Olympic weightlifting competition. Until that time, I was totally engulfed with the “bodybuilding” style of training. But after witnessing all of the weight classes for this event; it was capped off by someone, who I would consider one of my influences, for my transition into “Olympic” style training. Wes Barnett. One of the greatest athletes in U.S. history. A great career in weightlifting. Unfortunately, weightlifting in the U.S. will probably never be recognized, or prioritized, like it is in Russia, and various other countries in that part of the world. However, Barnett remains a U.S weightlifting icon. If I were to ever open a gym…..the pictures I would definitely have in the “platform” areas…with the various “colored” plates…would be that of Alexeev and Barnett. Side by side.

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