Rodney Wilkes

:: 1/22/2012: Joan Pierre, San Fernando , Trinidad
I wanted to know what schools Mr. Wilkes attended. Thanks

:: 11/28/2010: Stephen Matthews, fort washington MDE, USA
Just visited the site for the first time. The weightlifting team that represented Trinidad and Tobago was coached by my father Agustus Henry Matthews. They all belonged to the Amateur Physical Culture Association of T&T. Also included in the team were Carl DeSouza, Lenox Kilgour, Auguste. I have aphotograph of the team before they left for Barranquilla, Columbia in 1946.

:: 5/29/2010: Ayanna, washington dc, usa
That's my grandfather's brother. :) In your documentary, note that he was self-trained. He competed with olympians who has trainers, nutritionist, etc.

:: 5/16/2008: arthur chidlovski, boston ma, usa
Nadissa, the best of luck to you with the documentary on Mr. Wilkes! As a former documentary filmmaker, I do foresee a great production here!

:: 5/16/2008: Nadissa Haynes, Arima , Trinidad and Tobago
I found out about his acheivement recently and as a local filmmaker, I would love to do a documetary about him. His accomplishment is facinating!

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