Geza Toth

:: 9/30/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
Thanx for the info, Al. I don;t know how to use the clip or rama.

:: 9/21/2013: Alfonso Rodriguez, Palm Bay Florida, USA
Mr. Connif: Toth performed the snatch in the squat style and the clean in the split style. Take a look at the film clips in this section that feature Toth lifting at the 68 Olympics and at world championships to verify this. His decade was the '60's and there were many photos of him lifting in competition in the Bob Hoffman's old Strength and Health magazine which was the only magazine in the USA that would publish articles on Olympic weightlifting in the 1950's thru 1970's. That magazine ceased publication in the early 1980's or shortly after Hoffman's death. The action photo is from the 1970 WWC in Colombus, OH getting ready to jerk 402 lbs. overhead. He later made 413 lbs. That was his last international competition or at least the last one where he won a medal.

:: 9/16/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
Does anyone know what style Geza Toth employed? Was it the squat or the split? I never saw an action photo of him.

:: 10/9/2011: arthur chidlovski, boston ma, usa
Sad news came from Hungary. Mr. Geza Toth died on 10/5/2011. R.I.P. Thanks for the update to Csaba Kovács.

:: 2/21/2010: paul sacco, atlhighlands nj, us
would like reply to ? of 2/7/2010

:: 2/7/2010: paul sacco, atl.highlands nj, us
geza toth 125+135+165=432.5? (1961)

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