Charles Rigoulot

:: 9/16/2019: Ajax, , USA
It's almost impossible to prove any of those old time lifts- let's just say he was good strong lifterand any claims of huge lifts should be taken with a grain of salt. Anyone with old time films of lifting should somehow make them public would be great to see and will preserve them

:: 2/26/2019: Paul henry Dallaire, Timmins, Ontario. , Canada
If your talking about Charles Rigoulot snatching 261Lbs with one hand you'd have to prove it to me. Delamarre had many witnesses even the scale attendant was there as the mayor and other public officials. Many claim to this title but can't prove it. Delamarre did.

:: 10/17/2015: Pete Kravtsov, Armyansk , Ukraine
Как известно, на ОИ-1924 в программе было пятиборье, поэтому, наверно, нужно или добавить еще два упражнения и указать реальные килограммы, или с оговоркой прописать суммы троеборья!

:: 10/16/2015: paul henry dallaire, Timmins Ontario, Canada
remember lift double your weight with one hand over your head plus 1/ and a half pound. Check his web site. He bent 25 cent pieces with his fingers and his thumb.

:: 11/3/2013: paul henry dallaire, Timmins Ontario, Canada
That is good, but not good enough. I guess Victor Delamarre is still the strongest man in the world eh! Until someone can prove to me that he or she has lifted double his weight plus 1 and a half pound will I accept it. In the mean time I wish people would stop referring themselves as the strongest man in the world.

:: 11/3/2013: paul henry dallaire, timmins ontario, canada
Did Charles lift double his weight with one hand as Delamarre did.? Only this could make him the strongest man in the world.

:: 8/21/2011: Alex, , United States
I believe he snatched 261lbs on his one handed snatch (right hand).

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