Trofim Lomakin

:: 5/4/2013: Robert, Melbourne , Australia
*TYPO - Stanczyk snatch 125kg not 135kg

:: 5/4/2013: Robert, Melbourne , Australia
1953: 82.5kg category 1. Vorobyev USSR 430 (127.5+135+167.5) 2. Lomakin USSR 427.5 (132.5+127.5+167.5) 3. Stanczyk USA 415 (130+135+160) Vorobyev 1954 in 90kg category 460 (142.5+142.5+175)

to p.sacco: i keep forgetting to verify the 1953/1954 wc results in my books. thanks for your input.

:: 2/2/2010: p.sacco, atlhighlands nj, u.s.
what was correct stats for trofim lomakin in 1953 world champs.?132.5+132.5+167.5 =427.5 wrong?

:: 9/24/2009: p.sacco, atl highlands n.j. , u.s.
t. lomakin 1953 132.5+132.5 167.5=432.5 not 427.5 also what was correct stats for a. vorobyev in 54 world championship

:: 5/1/2008: vlad, Ploiesti , Romania
Great athlete! I read a lot about him in Pavel Tsatsouline's books. He was an artist, a free spirit... His whole training was based entirely on his instinct and feeling... Hope to see more about him on www.

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