Lee James

:: 2/17/2023: Kevin St. John, ksluggo@netzero.net NY, United States
I was 22 in 1976 and just a novice lifter trying to pick up a little more weight each time I tried. Lee James was my first American weightlifting hero. I was glad that Rigert won gold but very proud to see one of our own on the podium that July night. He was a Cinderella story, alright! He was not even close to being thought of as a medalist but he lifted his best while several of those contenders fell by the wayside. He was well prepared by his coaches, both mentally and physically. I was disappointed when his injuries forced his retirement. I will never, ever forget that night in July of 76.

:: 2/13/2023: Arthur Chidlovski, , USA
Feb 11, 2023, Raleigh, NC, USA Sad news came from North Carolina. Legendary American weightlifter, Olympic vice champion, Lee James passed away at 69. So far, it is known that he fell from a roof and suffered a head injury.

:: 8/17/2018: Kevin St. John, NY, US
Where was I July 25, 1976? I was about 12 rows back from the stage at Mt. Saint Michel Arena cheering for Lee.

:: 10/8/2012: David Tatlock, No. Dartmouth MA, USA
with backing, Lee James could have redefined American weightlifting. I see that the heart was sucked out of this monumental sport at the rate American football took over American colleges. Last thought: International Weightlifting events, and their organizers, should replace the United Nations; and Lee James be the example of American grace, strength, and cooperation. Sound good?

:: 6/11/2009: J. Persaud, portland or, U.S.A.
I read that Lee James had to overcome a knee injury after his 1976 campaign. It makes you wonder if indeed had he been fortunate enough to stay healthy that he would've won a gold in 1980. Either way he was amazing even after his injury.

:: 7/13/2008: Don Weideman, Elk Grove CA, USA
Lee James was a hero for me, with a little luck he would have been a World Champion. What a talent!

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